Custom Hearing Protection

Sense of Hearing carry a large variety of custom hearing protection products to meet virtually all types of work and recreational hearing needs. Vented earplugs allow for one to hear normal conversation, while non-vented offer the maximum hearing protection where no communication is required. Other custom plugs allow for two-way radio, or cell phone communication when needed.

Musician Ear Plugs

Musicians are constantly being exposed to high levels of potentially dangerous sounds for extended periods of time. Musician Earplugs are great devices for protecting ears/hearing, but still allow enough sound to filter through to be heard comfortably. These specialized plugs are also perfectly suited for people who are exposed to high levels of noise such as Dentists and Flight Attendants.

Swim Plugs

For individuals recovering from middle ear surgery, or who have chronic conditions such as drainage, a custom-made swim mould will prevent water or moisture from entering the ear canal while swimming or taking a shower. Custom swim plugs provide an excellent seal, they float and are available in a variety of colours.