Accumulated Earwax (cerumen) affects hearing and hearing aids. Whether or not you wear hearing aids, have excess wax removed safely by a Sense of Hearing professional. Fees apply.

It is common for people who wear hearing aids to produce more earwax than individuals who do not. Since earwax is a protective mechanism, the body produces more ear wax than normal to help expel the foreign object (hearing aid) from the ear. Normally the wax would migrate to the outer ear but hearing aids prevent this from happening.

Wax can enter into the sound port of the hearing aid and plug it. Most hearing aids are fit with some form of wax guard system to prevent the wax from entering too far into the hearing aids and damaging their delicate and sensitive electronic components. Typically this wax guard system can be changed either by the patient or within the clinic by a Sense of Hearing healthcare professional. With regular cleaning of the ear and the hearing aids themselves, most expensive repairs can be avoided.

Different styles of hearing aids require different cleaning methods. Your Sense of Hearing healthcare provider will show you the best and easiest way to keep your hearing aid free of earwax and operating smoothly.

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