It is inevitable that hearing aids will require some repair during their lifetime of three to five years. Hearing aids are small electronic devices that are required to work in less than optimal conditions. The ears are waxy, warm and moist – all of which electronics do not like. Further, hearing aids are exposed to elemental factors like hairspray, dust, dandruff, talcum powder, perspiration, and heat or cold.

Most hearing aids come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is likely that within that time frame hearing aids will require repair. Some repairs will only take a few minutes and can be completed in the clinic. If the microphones or receivers are damaged due to wear and tear, the hearing aids will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

After the original warranty has expired, if your hearing aids are not working up to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can purchase a one year repair warranty. By the time the warranty has expired, you might require new hearing instruments, especially if your hearing loss has changed. When you come to our clinic for your yearly check up, benefit and cost of repairing vs. replacing the hearing aids will be discussed and decided based on individual factors. Out of warranty repairs can be costly and repairing the aids may not be an option, especially for hearing aids that are over five years old.

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