The Colour Coding Method

Hearing aid batteries come in various sizes. The colour coding method either on the package itself or on the tab attached to the battery helps you easily remember the size of battery required for your hearing aid.

Battery Promotions

Batteries are on sale in the months of May and October at Sense of Hearing. Purchase a box of batteries, receive an additional box at no charge.

Battery Storage

Store your batteries in a dry cool place out of the sunlight, do not store batteries in the fridge or freezer.

echargeable Battery Device

This product is available at all Sense of Hearing locations. Please ask one of our hearing healthcare specialists if rechargeable batteries are a viable option for you.

Battery Recycling Program

Sense of Hearing cares about our environment and invites you to conveniently dispose of all single use batteries at any of our locations.

Selecting a Battery


Battery #675

Depicted with the colour BLUE. Used in Power BTE hearing aids.


Battery #13

Depicted with the colour ORANGE. Used in BTE and ITE hearing aids.


Battery #10

Depicted by the colour YELLOW. Used in CICITC, and Mini-BTE hearing aids.


Battery #312

Depicted by the colour BROWN. Used in ITEITC, and Mini-BTE hearing aids.