Complete audiological assessment for adults and pediatrics

Our team of specialists will take you or your loved ones through a comprehensive 5-point program designed to accurately analyze the extent of hearing loss and provide a tailor made solution.

Hearing Aid consulting prescription, dispensing, fitting, follow up and repairs

Once an assessment has been made, a Sense of Hearing Audiologist will provide all of the necessary services to ensure that your needs are being properly met.

Tinnitus evaluation

Tinnitus is very common among individuals who work in a noisy environment. We have professionals who can assess your situation and apply the appropriate techniques to help you better cope with the  condition.

Central Auditory Processing Assessment

Sense of Hearing can provide an assessment of whether or not a patient suffers from CAPD, a condition characterized by a deficiency in the transmission of impulses to the higher brain centers.

Custom noise, musicians’ plugs and swim moulds

At Sense of Hearing you can choose from a variety of devices designed to protect you from damaging noise, loud music and water.

Earwax removal

Your Sense of Hearing healthcare provider will show you the best and easiest way to keep your hearing aid free of ear wax and operating smoothly. In addition, our hearing healthcare providers can remove earwax from your auditory canals.

Vestibular Assessment and Management

Vestibular Assessment is a variety of balance and vestibular tests to determine the causes of vertigo. We use infrared video goggles as well as additional equipment.


Several sources of financial assistance for hearing instruments and assistive listening devices are available. Your audiologist can assist with initiating claims for noise-induced hearing loss incurred at workplaces or during  military service.

Payment Plans

A variety of flexible third party payment plans available to suit your particular needs.

Home Visits

Ask us about our home visit options. A qualified Audiologist will provide all of the assessment and fitting services available at our store locations in the convenience of your home.